Ruban De Noyau De 50 Mm

Ruban de noyau de 50 mm


50mm core Smartape is also called 2'' core tape, with standard width of 48mm or 72mm & length of 150m or 200m. The 50mm tape is also a popular product in most of the EU markets. It has similar advantages of 1'' or 1.5'' core tapes. Saving packaging materials, warehouse spaces & transportation costs are its main advantages.

 Marque privée : Smartape

 Diamètre du noyau de papier : 50mm (2 pouces)

 Spécification standard : 48mm x 150m / 200m

 Couleur : transparent, brun, blanc, coloré, imprimé

 Disponible en versions bruyante et silencieuse

 Un adhésif thermofusible est disponible

  • Description

    2" core Smartape are now getting more and more popular in EU markets. The other countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Jamaica, Argentina are also selling 2'' core tapes. Considering the far distance and high transportation costs, 2'' core tape with 150m or 200m will really provide economic benefits. The waterproof packing tape is flexible with specifications and properties based on different markets and application demands. Hyseal is a professional packaging tape supplier for this product and annual output of this is more than 20M SQM. We supply both Water Base Acrylic and Hot Melt for our 2'' core Smartapes.

    Smartape Hot Melt with 50 mm core

     Film BOPP + adhésif en caoutchouc synthétique sensible à la pression (Hot Melt)

      Spécifications : 48mm x 150m, 48mm x 200m

     Epaisseur : 25μm +16gr, 28μm +17gr, 28μm + 22gr


    Noisy Smartape with a 50 mm core

     Film BOPP + adhésif acrylique à base d'eau sensible à la pression

      Spécifications : 48mm x 150m, 48mm x 200m

      Epaisseur : 23μm +15gr, 23μm + 20gr, 25μm + 20gr


    Smartape à faible bruit avec un noyau de 50 mm

     Film BOPP de qualité supérieure + adhésif acrylique à base d'eau sensible à la pression.

     Spécifications : 48mm x 150m, 48mm x 200m

     Épaisseur : 25μm + 18gr, 25μm + 20gr, 28μm + 22gr

  • Features

    Les caractéristiques particulières de notre bande de 50 mm sont les suivantes :

  • Advantages

    Par rapport au ruban standard, le ruban de 50 mm présente les avantages suivants :





  • Quality Grade

    Grades Film Thickness Total Thickness Peeling Adhesion Shear Value Tensile Strength Elongation
    Acrylic Smartape
    Economy 23 μm 43 μm 6.0 N/inch >24 hours 55 N/inch 105%
    Medium 25 μm 47 μm 6.5 N/inch >24 hours 65 N/inch 105%
    Industrial 28 μm 50 μm 6.5 N/inch >24 hours 80 N/inch 110%
    Premium 32 μm 55 μm 7.2 N/inch >24 hours 95 N/inch 115%
    Hot Melt Smartape
    Economy 25 μm 41 μm 8.0 N/inch >48 hours 65 N/inch 105%
    Premium 28 μm 45 μm 9.0 N/inch >48 hours 80 N/inch 110%
    The above data is the average value as the result of production samples and not a guarantee of a final result. For more details, please refer to the product data sheet.

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